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woensdag 29 maart 2017

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[divider line_type=”Small Line” line_thickness=”3″ divider_color=”accent-color” animate=”yes”]In the context of a Branded Content collaboration with Vodafone Business, the basis of the partnership was formed by three objectives.

  • Image & branding: positioning Vodafone as an innovative and total communications specialist.
  • Generating awareness: making the target group aware of the possibilities and chances offered by innovative communication technology for a future-proof organisation (within the Vodafone Ready Business strategy) in a “smart city”.
  • Traffic generator: the partnership with NRC Media stimulated traffic to the website of Vodafone Business.

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[divider line_type=”Small Line” line_thickness=”3″ divider_color=”accent-color” animate=”yes”]Cross media communication programme: “Welcome to the smart city, in which smart technology makes our lives safer, cleaner, quicker and nicer”.

Storytelling by means of four stories:

  • Counting mobile people
  • Smart waste logistics
  • From A to B in the smart city
  • Remote measurement and management


[divider line_type=”Small Line” line_thickness=”3″ divider_color=”accent-color” animate=”yes”]Print

  • XTR supplement with NRC Handelsblad (12 pages)
  • Advertisements in NRC Handelsblad


  • Online advertorials on (short copy bannering)
  • Advertisements on (mobile banner and billboard)
  • Online landing page behind
  • A scrollable PDF of the XTR supplement behind

You can check out the Vodafone Business XTR supplement here [image_with_animation image_url=”19409″ alignment=”” animation=”Fade In” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]


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“Thanks to the NRC special we were much better placed to share the vision and activities of Vodafone Enterprise with our target group than would have been possible with just advertisements. The special earned us very many positive reactions, from both our clients and our prospects.”


– Maurice Gilissen (Campaign Specialist, Vodafone)

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