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Reach statistics for NOM Media brands in 2017

woensdag 13 december 2017

On 7 December, 2017 NOM introduced a new product on the market, one in which the reach of printed and online news media and magazines has been combined into the so-called media-brand reach. In NOM Media brands 2017, data from the NOM Print Monitor and the NOBO reach data of websites and apps have been reconciled in an extensive “blended” file. The amalgamation of these two reach-related files was carried out by GfK. The ensuing file contains the results of 154 print brands, 88 online brands and 45 combined media brands that are published both on paper and digitally.

For many years now the NOM Print Monitor (NPM) has served as the standard for the reach and profile of printed news media and magazines. Since the end of 2016, VINEX (de Verenigde Internet Exploitanten – the United Internet Operators) and NOBO (Nederlands Online BereiksOnderzoek – the Netherlands’ Online Reach Survey) have published the reach and profiles of publishers’ websites and apps.

At the request of NOM, and in collaboration with VINEX, GfK has, for the first time, integrated the reach data of both research initiatives into the same file. In addition to the reach data of 154 print and 88 digital brands, combined print and digital brands have now also been included. This pertains to 45 brands, of which NRC is one, that distribute content on both paper and digital platforms. The results provide insights into how many people read only the paper edition, how many only visit the website or the app, and how many do both.

NRC’s brand reach
The brand reach reveals how many people (in absolute terms) have read the titles of a particular brand at least once in a given month, irrespective of the platform.
As a brand, NRC reaches a total of over three million people. While 33 per cent of readers read only the printed edition, 54 per cent read only online, with 13 per cent consuming NRC journalism on both platforms.
The percentage of readers who only read online is surprising, to say the least. Together with AD and FD, NRC enjoys the biggest share of digital-only reach.

Still the highest selectivity in AB1
This new market research also demonstrates that NRC offers the highest selectivity in the AB1 target group. Based on the average reach per edition, NRC has a selectivity of 160.



Brand Average reach of print + online (average per edition) Selectivity AB1
AD Dagbladen 102
De Telegraaf 101
De Volkskrant 145
NRC 160
Het Financieele Dagblad 151
Trouw 136