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NRC Media and Wayne Parker Kent join forces in content marketing

donderdag 18 mei 2017

On Friday, 12 May NRC Media and Wayne Parker Kent entered into to a strategic partnership. One of the reasons that Mediahuis, the Belgian parent company of NRC Media, decided to invest in this partnership, is to explore the commercial opportunities offered by branded content.

NRC Media Branded Content
Madelon Fortuin, Commercial Director of NRC Media, explained that NRC Media develops unique and relevant branded content, with respect for the reader and the objectives of the client being the main departure points. “We communicate from a position of relevance to tell the advertiser’s story as effectively as possible and then disseminate it on paper and digitally.”

Wayne Parker Kent
Wayne Parker Kent was founded almost seven years ago and is currently one of the fastest-growing media companies in the Netherlands. It specialises in developing and publishing digital magazines in commercially attractive niches.

“Wayne Parker Kent is renowned as one of the most forward-looking companies in the field of digital content marketing. And we’d like to keep it that way,” said Slaven Mandic, CEO of Wayne Parker Kent. “Our collaboration with NRC Media, means we’ll be able to tap into a new target group for our content marketing campaigns.”

Optimising the effectiveness of branded content
Fortuin concurred that the partnership offers opportunities. “Wayne Parker Kent has expertise in the field of content marketing and native advertising, in which video plays a key role. Wayne Parker Kent will now support NRC Media in the production of content marketing.”

“The philosophy of Wayne Parker Kent is Impact on Scale,” concluded Mandic. “By joining forces with NRC Media, we can scale up the reach of our branded content towards both networks. This will enable us to offer even better service to brands, the objective being to make every content marketing campaign even more effective.”Want to know more about the branded content opportunities offered by NRC?