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woensdag 21 juni 2017

NRC has the intellectual agility to continuously respond and react to the needs and reading behaviour of its highly educated readers. Our unique and distinctive quality journalism remains constant, while the form and the carrier are dynamic. NRC makes full use of online resources (such as live blogs, videos or podcasts) and we have identified that our readers are also reading more and more online.

Every month, NRC reaches an audience of millions of highly educated people through and we want you as an advertiser to benefit from this fact. This is why the stories and situations vacant (job advertisements) previously found on have, since June 14, been relocated to This means your message will now be even more effectively brought to the attention of all highly engaged NRC readers. (career)
The new homepage for situations vacant is now, with the search bar for jobs being available to candidates directly from this editorial page. The design of the situations vacant pages is identical to the familiar editorial pages, so that readers will regard these job vacancies as being an integral part of the platform. The search bar and job vacancies are also to be seen on the editorial pages, to attract the attention of (latent) jobseekers.

With you as an advertiser firmly in mind, we have introduced several commercial positions, such as the top job vacancy at the top right of the page, to give it added prominence. This will substantially increase the likelihood of you finding a match with a suitable candidate. We also offer advertorial positions that will position your brand message in the correct context and offer immediate visibility to NRC readers.

Employer’s account
You can still log in to your employer’s account and post and manage your job vacancies at Your job vacancies and advertisements will then automatically benefit from the substantial reach of


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