NRC journalists write digital first.

This means they start with limitless possibilities of bringing news and backgrounds. Think about liveblogs, slowblogs, photo’s, polls, podcasts, video’s, quizzes, interactive graphics, longreads, etc. We use differtent newsletters and social media channels to boost our digital reach. has a selective reach of 182 in the social class AB1. Readers are more willing to pay for (online) quality journalism. We analyse the digital behaviour of our readers. We see an increased reading time, which results in a higher engagement.

  • 28.8 million page views per month
  • Average time on page of is nearly 3 minutes
  • Average time in view of an adspot is 29 seconds
  • Adspots on will be loaded instantaneously. The advertisement only counts as an impression when it is physically on screen
  • Calculation models: CPM, Viewable CPM, Quality View and Run of Excellence