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NRC Weekdays

Mornings and afternoons: nationwide, independent, high-quality newspapers with backgrounds, nuance and skilled interpretation of the national and international news.

NRC Weekend

The weekend edition of NRC: a newspaper for the head and heart alike that has topical, contextualised content for the additional sections Opinion & Debate, Economy, Science and Weekend Lifestyle.

The most important news throughout the day, where the NRC journalism is presented in a clear, accessible and highly organised manner. With in-depth analyses and razor-sharp commentary.

NRC Magazine

Our magazine that appears ten times a year with NRC Weekend: with columns, photographic reports, inspiring stories, leading names and a contemporary design.


Our podcasts about science, politics in The Hague and the news story of the day offer our readers in-depth background stories on-the-go without any distractions.

NRC Carrière

A cross-media base with which we reach highly educated readers via an extensive labour market section in the Economics section and online via our vacancies database.