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NRC journalism is not only available in readable form, you can now listen to it too. With its popular series of news, politics and science podcasts, including NRC VandaagNRC Haagse Zaken and NRC Onbehaarde Apen, NRC appeals to a wide-ranging and engaged audience. Its powerful investigative journalism also features prominently in audio form in exciting podcast series that include Cocaïnekoorts (Cocaine Fever)De Schaduw van Dutroux (The Shadow of Dutroux)Generatie 9/11 (Generation 9/11) and Het Geheim van Rijkswijk (The Secret of Rijkswijk).

What’s more, NRC also has its own audio app, NRC Audio – the guide to the Dutch podcast landscape, with our editors’ recommendations of the best podcasts and featuring the very latest NRC podcasts.

NRC Vandaag is the Netherlands’ most listened-to podcast*

The top 100 most listened-to podcasts include seven editorial podcasts from NRC Media. NRC Vandaag (NRC Today) ranks number one.

In NRC Vandaag, presenters Floor Boon and Geertje Tuenter provide a twenty-minute briefing on a single topic. In this, they are supported by the NRC editorial team.

*Source: NLO Podcast en Audio on demand Standaard, NLO/Triton Digital (10/2021)

Facts & Figures

Our podcasts NRC Haagse Zaken (about politics), NRC Onbehaarde Apen (about science) and NRC Vandaag (a single news story, every working day) are seeing weekly increases in the number of downloads per episode.

  • 74% of listeners listen to the whole podcast.
  • 46% of listeners are younger than 35, highly educated and on above-average earnings.
  • The NRC podcasts generate a total of around 2.5 million downloads per month.
  • Ads are positioned at the start of the podcast, ensuring your message is heard immediately.
  • Your brand story can also be listened to via various different channels (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, NRC Audio, etc.)

Advertising options

Associate your brand with an NRC podcast
Reach listeners with your business message when they are on the go and fully concentrated. Discover all the options: a pre-roll ad before one of our podcasts, your own advertorial podcast or a bespoke NRC XTR Branded Podcast.

Pre-rolls before our podcasts
Having your message featured in audio form at the start of our podcasts enables you to reach a large proportion of podcast listeners in the Netherlands. Advertising at the start of NRC Vandaag gives you guaranteed coverage before the Netherlands’ premier podcast. Our audio specialists can even produce an advertisement for you to ensure your message hits just the right tone.

Advertorial podcast
Your brand story presented in the form of your own advertorial podcast. The advertorial podcast is an innovative advertising product that enables us literally to bring your story and/or message to the ears of the NRC target group. We do this by encapsulating your story and your message in a series of interesting conversations, moderated by an expert host.

NRC XTR Branded Podcast
A bespoke podcast or podcast series created by our branded content team. Our NRC branded content team conveys your story or message in an innovative narrative form: ensuring it literally reaches the ears of your target group. Based on an extensive briefing, our expert branded content team will come up with a smart creative concept, a fully-developed format and a concrete audio script. Your branded podcast will also feature prominently as part of our own NRC Audio app.

Having your commercial message featured in our podcasts gives you immediate and direct access to a primarily young, highly educated target group that listens attentively and with focus. Listeners turn to podcasts at times when they can give them their full attention, such as when travelling or doing exercise. They will also hear your message without disruption, because podcast listeners usually use headphones and are not distracted by background noise. This is the closest you can get to your target group with your commercial message.
For more information, contact your account manager or email


KPN – Taboe Talk

Taboe Talk (Taboo Talk) is a courageous podcast series about difficult conversations. After all, it may be easy to find whatever we want online, but breaking the silence on taboo issues in conversation with others is always difficult.

In this ten-part series, psychologist Roos Woltering gets to grips with some unspeakable topics. She talks to people who have broken taboos and found their own voice via their online network. Taboe Talk makes it possible to talk about such topics as “Coming out of the closet in your soccer team”, “Aged 29 and still a virgin”, “Talking openly about burn-out”, “Loneliness among young people” and a range of other taboos. Topics that are more relevant now than ever.

To gauge the communication effect of this podcast series, a before-and-after survey was conducted among the 18 to 45 target group. The study revealed that the branded podcast led to a significant increase in the desired brand association that “KPN makes a contribution to an inclusive society” (47% compared to 32% in the baseline measurement)*. The use of a podcast, essentially a timeless form of communication, combined with the relevance of the subject matter ensures that Taboe Talk continues to attract listeners on a daily basis.

In 2020, Taboe Talk was awarded a Dutch Podcast Award in the Brand Story category and a bronze AMMA Award in the Best Use of a Medium category.

*Source: Effect study: Mindshare – KPN – Taboe Talk 2020

Interpolis – Business with a meaning

Onderneming van betekenis’: a platform created for and by entrepreneurs

Who are the dynamic entrepreneurs who are taking responsibility in today’s major social issues on a daily basis? And what can we learn from them? The content platform ‘Onderneming van betekenis’ (from Interpolis Zakelijk in partnership with NRC branded content) gives these entrepreneurs a voice. It’s created for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

The platform focuses primarily on entrepreneurs who look beyond finance and also pursue socially relevant goals, within current themes that include such issues as coronavirus, business continuity, sustainability and security and supporting local organisations. By doing this, they are keeping the Netherlands running in challenging times.

These entrepreneurs and their impactful businesses are placed in the spotlight in the content series ‘Onderneming van betekenis’, a partnership between Interpolis and NRC branded content.

With ‘Onderneming van betekenis’, we’re launching a platform that enables entrepreneurs to learn from other entrepreneurs. We bring together stories and insights because we believe that connection matters in these challenging times. That’s something that’s currently difficult for entrepreneurs.

Evelyn Bartels, Brand Strategist at Interpolis

You can find all the Interpolis ‘Onderneming van betekenis’ stories and podcasts here

KPMG – Progress deciphered

In the podcast series ‘Vooruitgang ontcijferd’, presenter Tom Jessen talks with passionate knowledge experts about developments in the field of progress, technology and sustainability. How can we make these developments transparent?