Programmatic buying is the automated procurement of advertising capacity by means of real-time bidding. Algorithms analyse the online behaviour of a consumer, making it possible for a specific advertisement to be shown to a specific consumer in a specific context.

This technique facilitates the advertiser’s requirement to be as efficient and effective as possible. Thanks to this, the advertiser – given the right context – can reach the right person in the target group, at the right time, and at the right price. The advertiser self-determines the price through a bidding system. emerce 100 badge

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Programmatic procurement

In addition to direct procurement, if so required it’s also possible for advertisers to procure programmatically from NRC Media. This can be done by setting up “private market places” or by bidding for NRC Media traffic on the exchange.

Success measurable in real-time

The method is extremely efficient because successes are measurable in real-time. This makes it very straightforward to set clear campaign goals and to monitor them while the campaign is still running.

Specific reach

The conditions for displaying an advertisement are set by algorithms; therefore your advertisements won’t be stereotypical.

More impact with AB1

Programmatic procurement allows you to be even more specific in the way you reach the AB1 demographic group. Our readers are well educated, relatively well off, autonomous and have a liberal view of the world. NRC offers a highly selective reach among the AB1 demographic group and therefore there is very little waste.