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At NRC we are renowned for our unique, distinctive, high-quality journalism, with which, in both printed and digital forms, we reach a target group that is well educated and has substantial disposal income.

Because NRC readers pay for our quality journalism, it’s safe to say that they are highly engaged readers. NRC readers want to know who, what, where, when and why, especially why. NRC illuminates.

 This page provides an overview of several target-group characteristics of NRC readers, making it easier for them to be more specifically segmented.

NRC reader-profile


NRC’s reach


General information


Male/female ratio (in %)

Social class (in %)

Age distribution (in %)

Level of education (in %)

Top 10 interests (in %)

Spends more money than average on (in %)

Household online (in %)

Household print (in %)

NRC Career

The objective of the NRC Career platform is to connect employers and highly educated and talented employees by offering relevant content and job vacancies. For more information click here.

Top 5 professional groups (in %)

Half of the target group readers are actively or passively looking for a job (in %)

Working profile online (in %)

Working profile print (in %)

News consumption

Half of all NRC readers have a print subscription, but we have noticed that more and more readers are finding their way to our digital journalism via Facebook, Twitter and the NRC niche newsletters. In doing so they typically use laptop computers and tablets, but mostly smartphones.

Type of subscription (in %)

Device (in %)


The typical NRC reader is well educated, relatively wealthy and is more likely than average to be found in the social class AB1. NRC enjoys the highest selective reach in ABI. You can reach the same high-quality target group through all NRC platforms.

What is AB1?

This social class is characterised by…
The people in AB1 usually…

…the highest level of education of the household’s main breadwinner.

…have a high level of education.

…the profession of the household’s main breadwinner.

…work at a secondary or higher professional  level.

The NRC target group is strongly represented in social class AB1

Social class AB1 (in %)

NRC has the highest selectivity in AB1

Selectivity is divergence from the selected target group with respect to the NL average.

Selectivity in AB1

Very high engagement with the NRC reader

Average reading time per edition read.

Reading time (in minutes)

NRC’s reach


363,000 readers

NRC Weekdays

639,450 readers

NRC Weekend
*NRC Weekend + estimated reach on Saturday 

Reading time

35 min. NRC Weekdays
55 min. NRC Weekend


28.8 million

Page views on

27 seconds

Average time in view

Almost 3 minutes

Average time on page

222,000 unique

newsletter subscribers

NRC reader’s engagement

NRC only has paying readers, which means they are much more engaged readers.

Goede vriend of familie

90% of our subscribers see us as a (good) friend or member of the family

Gestegen contractduur

86% intend to extend their subscription


NRC only offers long-term subscriptions

NRC doesn’t offer (free) trial subscriptions

Langere leesduur

People spend a long time reading our publications

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T: +31 (0)20 755 3053

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