A new charging model for branded content: Quality view

Pay based on value 

Quality is one of NRC’s most important brand values. Quality is what you can expect from us, and our charging model is no exception. NRC was the first in the Netherlands to charge an online view when the advertisement has actually has been seen, in other words ‘viewability above the fold’.

This year NRC is the first to introduce a new charging model for Branded Content. When we create Branded Content articles for you, our primary goal is to attract as many readers, and keep them reading for as long as possible. That is the reason we do not charge based on CPM, but based on a ‘quality view’. Meaning, an advertiser only pays when a reader spends at least 15 seconds on an article that we made for you.

NRC makes a difference

What can you expect from us next year? And most importantly, how can we by positively making a difference, be of service to you and your objective in 2019?

It’s the quality journalism of our editorial team led by Peter Vandermeersch, that is our ‘road to success’. In this video, our editors portray how they will maintain to deliver unique and distinctive quality journalism in 2019.

The power of NRC

Where has Branded Content been proven effective?
Where does an online advertiser only pay for advertisments that have actually been seen?
Where do advertisers get high engagement from paying readers?
Where are advertisers able to reach a high educated young audience online?

Want to know more? We are happy to advise you personally.

Want to know more about ‘Quality view’ or NRC Branded Content? Please contact Gertjan Dijkhuizen at +31 (0)6 53 46 10 96 or send an email to g.dijkhuizen@nrc.nl