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Internet of Things

Case: XTR customised collaboration

Vodafone Business is a leading partner specialising in Internet of Things, a position it has achieved by establishing 100 million IoT connections worldwide to date and providing a nationwide IoT network across the Netherlands. By highlighting practical cases using the various NRC channels, we demonstrated how IoT offers smart solutions that make our lives easier, safer and more valuable.

Based on informative and inspiring customer cases, the world of IoT has been presented in a way that is comprehensible, interesting and – above all – relevant. As a partner, Vodafone Business shares its knowledge and expertise to help current and future customers seize the right opportunities within their company.

We published several journalistic stories about Internet of Things containing real-life examples in which connected devices are used in innovative ways.
For example, we demonstrated how a start-up can work with law enforcement authorities to identify and visualize water contamination in real time and, in doing so, raised public awareness of our water infrastructure and living environment. We shared the story of how a company has been using IoT to reinforce and maintain Amsterdam’s dikes (and has become a global pioneer in the process), and of two brothers who serve domestic and international shipping companies through Vodafone’s global IoT network.


In a series of 19 journalistic articles on including a printed XTR supplement, we used an engaging style to share knowledge about the opportunities and possibilities offered by Internet of Things. These pieces focus on how businesses can use IoT solutions to make their operations smarter, flexible and more productive. Several effectiveness studies have been conducted to assess the impact of the content.

Branded content has given Vodafone Business a stronger position in the market as an IoT provider

Independent effectiveness research company DVJ Insights analysed the articles and gave them a positive rating that exceeds the benchmark established. In addition, readers who had read the articles demonstrated a higher brand consideration and brand preference for Vodafone Business in relation to IoT than the cohort that had not seen the content.

Readers regard Vodafone Business as a reliable company and a forward-looking brand with a leading position in the market for IoT (+24% versus the ‘unexposed’ cohort). Additionally, readers are extremely positive about the clarity with which Vodafone Business communicates about the opportunities available and are even more likely to consider Vodafone Business as an IoT partner for their own company/the organisation which employs them (+28% versus the ‘unexposed’ cohort).


Innovation and reliability are two of the attributes which have been highlighted the most thanks to the branded content, both for Vodafone Business as a brand and as a company specialising in Internet of Things. These articles have made readers think, enhanced Vodafone Business’ image as a telecoms brand and further boosted its reputation as a provider of Internet of Things services. Innovatie en betrouwbaarheid zijn aspecten die dankzij de branded content artikelen zowel bij Vodafone Business als merk én als partij op het gebied van Internet of Things het sterkst naar voren komen. De artikelen zetten de lezers aan tot denken, hebben een positieve invloed op het imago van Vodafone Business als telecommerk en een nog sterkere positieve invloed op het imago van Vodafone Business als aanbieder van Internet of Things.

“For the third consecutive year, Vodafone Business decided to partner with NRC in informing our target audience about the Internet of Things from a critical yet constructive angle. The Branded Content team provides proactive input, is flexible and is transparent about its expectations, even if something may not necessarily align with our own or NRC’s target audience. All this makes ours a very valuable partnership.”

Ella van Leeuwen

Content marketeer, VodafoneZiggo

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