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Gids in Gezondheid

Case: XTR customised collaboration

Gids in Gezondheid (‘Health Guide’), a project launched by health insurance provider ONVZ in conjunction with NRC Media, has been helping readers and policyholders make healthier choices for the past four years. In 2019, the supplement won the Bronze award at the Dutch Grand Prix Content Marketing Awards (B2C category).


Health insurance provider ONVZ commissioned NRC Media to create an innovative and effective content medium. The medium had to be informative in nature and be designed to support and inspire readers in pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

This resulted in the NRC XTR supplement Gids in gezondheid (‘Health Guide’), a copy of which is sent to all ONVZ policyholders. In order to increase contact frequency and reach a new audience, NRC regularly publishes this guide in both print and digital formats.

ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar believes everyone should have the freedom to make decisions regarding their health. Policyholders are free to choose a hospital themselves, along with the doctor who will treat them. It is based on this belief that ONVZ helps and empowers people to make healthy choices and acts as their ‘health guide’.

The supplement

Included four times a year with NRC Weekend, the XTR supplement Gids in gezondheid (‘Health Guide’) focuses on health, vitality, nutrition, exercise and finding the right balance in life. View the supplement here..


Readers who have engaged with the ONVZ content through the NRC platform are significantly more positive about the image of, and have greater confidence and trust in, ONVZ. In addition, the content was rated as clear, comprehensible and credible and ONVZ registered a slight spike in its aided brand awareness, brand consideration and brand preference.

In November 2019, Gids in Gezondheid won the Bronze award in the B2C category at the Grand Prix Content Marketing Awards. From the judging panel’s report: ‘The high quality of the content, the title, and the target audience all blend together beautifully. The creators have carefully selected their topic and have followed through with this consistently throughout.’

“People are not interested in advertisements, but they do take an interest in news and background features. This is certainly the case for NRC’s audience of critical readers. XTR Gids in Gezondheid, which is published four times a year, is filled with news, interviews and background articles. NRC’s Branded Content team has a knack for creating interesting and relevant content – stories that help you and inspire you to live a long and healthy life.”

Tijn Elferink

Communications Director, ONVZ

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