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The art of leisure

Case: XTR customised collaboration

Largo Resorts offers holidays for people who enjoy the finer things in life, and carefully selects exclusive destinations known for their ultimate luxury and relaxation – celebrating the art of leisure. Unlike other operators, Largo meets all its travellers’ needs by offering the full package. By publishing professionally written journalistic articles on and in the print edition, Largo has positioned itself as an independent travel operator specialising in exclusive luxury holidays.

These journalistic pieces featured in NRC and on are an effective channel for Largo to present itself to the reader as a provider of exclusive holidays. To appeal to readers’ interests, we based each story around the theme of the ‘art of leisure’, by which we mean holidaymaking raised to an artform – which is exactly what Largo invites you to experience. For this series of features, we created a mix of content which is both personal and inspiring while at the same time also appealing to people’s aspirational values. The underlying message? Staying at a Largo resort is the perfect holiday because of the combination of personal choice and having all your needs met in an ultra-luxury setting.

The focus is on making personal choices and experiencing high quality and luxury, based on the following three key elements:

  • Intriguing stories

Personal, inspiring and unique stories about what makes a holiday your unique holiday.

  • Time for enjoyment

Holidays are a precious commodity: the one moment when time appears to stand still and we can take a break from our frantic, hyperconnected lives.
Largo’s stories inspire readers to enjoy all that life has to offer.

  • ‘Relux’ and reload

Holidays are a time to unwind, to clear your head and relax in a setting where every detail is designed to maximise your comfort and convenience.

The Art of Leisure in a variety of themes

We were commissioned to create three branded-content campaigns for Largo Resorts in recent years under NRC’s XTR label. By engaging with the brand and the product, we used a different angle in each campaign which was tailored to our readers’ content needs. We published articles based on three different topics within the Art of Leisure theme.

In 2018, we kicked off with the theme of ‘Water’, as Largo always selects coastal and other waterside destinations for its resorts. We created stories about how water and the seaside inspire us all by interviewing renowned and inspirational designers, artists and professional chefs.

How Zeeland inspires
For the 2019 campaign, we returned to Largo’s roots as a company. Largo, which is headquartered in the town of Goes in the Dutch province of Zeeland, offers numerous luxury holiday accommodations in this province. We presented readers with a series of high-quality online stories around the theme of How Zeeland inspires, in which Largo incites readers to find inspiration for their own lives. We set out to find journalistic angles relevant to the interests of NRC readers: nature (current articles about the Veerse Meer lagoon and the Het Zwin nature reserve), art (the Nazomerfestival theatre festival and artists based on the Zeeland coast), artisanship (a local wine grower and a cockle fisher/seaweed grower). The visits of our journalists to authentic spots around Zeeland resulted in an inspiring series of stories, which entice the reader to contemplate a visit to the area – specifically one of the Largo accommodations.

These stories invite readers to consider Zeeland as a destination, with Largo presenting itself as a provider of luxurious, full holiday packages offering unique facilities and unparalleled comfort.

A balanced life
In 2020, we launched an all-new campaign and switched to a completely different approach. To surprise and serve our readers, we introduced the Leven in balans (‘Balanced Life’) campaign, for which we interviewed professionals, authorities and practical experts. They shared their ideas and tips for how to take life down a notch in these frenzied times (in which we’re expected to combine a high-flying career with a rich family life, an active social life, sports and personal development). The series of stories this inspired tied in both with current trends and developments and with the Largo brand.

“For the third consecutive year we have opted to partner with NRC, so as to allow our target demographic to discover our brand and our products in a relevant, personal and superior way. They don’t work in a traditional, standard style but respond to current affairs, lifestyle and reader interests in a completely natural and organic way. Every year we look forward to working with NRC on selecting the right topic together.”

Tanya Joustra

General Brand Manager, Largo

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