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NRC is the fastest way to reach an exclusive audience of well-educated and affluent people across the Netherlands who take the time to read our content.

That’s what we value at NRC: separating fact from fiction and placing those facts in the right context. NRC’s style of journalism looks beyond facile sound bites – we offer reporting that unveils what would otherwise remain hidden, clarifies, analyses and is genuinely engaged.

Our subscribers feel personally connected to NRC and are willing to pay for our services. This increases the chances of readers noticing and remembering your adverts, with more successful results: in print, on and in our podcasts.

393,700 readers

NRC Weekdays

642,100 readers

NRC Weekend

3.3 million

unique visitors

Volume in range and high selectivity in AB1

NRC is therefore the most efficient in reaching the AB1 target group.

NRC enhances your brand

We reach engaged readers and help advertisers convey their story in a relevant and credible way – that is, an NRC-worthy way – that actually has an impact.

And we see that it works. The stories truly relate to our readers, so not only are they read with great interest; we also see that our partners’ investment pays off.

Our branded content has a proven effect.

An effect on how our readers view the brand, what the brand represents to them and whether they develop a preference for it.

Source: DVJ Insights 2019

Online adverts are displayed on readers’ screens for an average of 18 seconds

Our MOAT metric tool has helped us to establish that your adverts appear on the screen for an average of 18 seconds whenever our readers are using the site. This means your advert is displayed in all sizes and is visible to our readers, resulting in effective and guaranteed exposure.

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