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The Possibilities of Branded Content

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Define your goals

With the reader and the objectives of the client as departure points, NRC Branded Content develops unique and relevant content that will call the reader to action. We’ll help you take a critical look at your own objectives, so that NRC Branded Content becomes a seamless fit with your strategy.

The right approach

The strength of NRC is our ability to find the right approach with which to communicate effectively and substantively with the NRC reader. Moreover, NRC Branded Content is particularly well placed to find the appropriate link to get across the message you want to convey, and in a way that fits with the journalistic style preferred by our readers.

NRC quality

NRC Branded Content delivers stories of the same high quality as you are accustomed to receiving from our editorial staff, written by specialists who have a clear affinity with the field. It stands to reason that this content must be of the same journalistic quality as our editorial articles, so that NRC readers will actually want to read our Branded Content articles.

Effectiveness measured

We think it’s important to measure the effectiveness of our branded content. This is why NRC offers the opportunity to carry out an effectiveness survey to qualitatively measure how brand and theme statements are influenced by a campaign. Furthermore, the results of digital messages are continuously monitored throughout a campaign by means of Moat and Chartbeat.