The effectiveness of NRC Branded Content

The past months, independent research agency DVJ Insights investigated, on behalf of NRC, the effectiveness of a number of major NRC Branded Content projects. DVJ Insights combined several investigations and has drawn general conclusions.

The strength of NRC Branded Content is our ability to find the right approach which is relevant at the right time: due to an effective match between the published themes and the advertiser’s brand a significant positive image of the brand arises.

Research by DVJ Insights

Target group

Both online and print advertisements have been investigated

NRC reader print

NRC reader online

Male 49%

Female 51%

Industry (advertisers)

Expressions of businesses from the following industries have been investigated


Internet providers


Health insurers

Comparison of two respondent groups

Exposed: 42%



More positive brand image

Because of an effective match between the branded content advertisement and the brand, a significant positive image of the brand arises

On average, 34% has a more positive image of the brand statements

Brand preference and brand consideration

If, in a natural way, an advertiser’s brand is linked to the theme of the branded content campaign, an image transfer will take place from the content and context to the advertiser’s brand. This image transfer influences different phases of the brand experience. Especially brand preference and brand consideration are fueled positively by NRC Branded Content.

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