We’ll inspire you with our bespoke case studies

Finding the right approach means that NRC Branded Content always looks for a perfect match between what the client wants to convey and what the reader wants to read. This has led to a wide variety of case studies from which we’d like you to take some inspiration.

Case Deloitte inspiration
2 May 2017


DeloitteSponsored content articles on nrc.nl Duration: 1-9-2014 and still running Objective The emergence and rapid growth of new technologies is radically changing the world and Deloitte is following all these...
XTR bijlage Gids in gezondheid van ONVZ inspiration
11 April 2017

ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar

ONVZ Health InsurerXTR supplement “Gids in gezondheid” Objectives Branding: increase ONZV’s brand awareness within a specific target group. Image builder: assure people currently insured with ONVZ that they have made...
Case Postcode Lottery Green Challenge desktop en bijlage inspiration
3 April 2017

Postcode Lottery Green Challenge

Postcode Lottery Green ChallengeThe Green Challenge Objective In September 2016 the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge celebrated its tenth anniversary. The objective of this supplement was to raise awareness for this...
Case Forbo Flooring inspiration
28 March 2017

Forbo Flooring

Forbo FlooringForbo aims to put Marmoleum firmly on the map Objective Despite the fact that linoleum has been on the market for 150 years and Forbo has produced Marmoleum for...
Case Het Rode Kruis inspiration
27 March 2017

Rode Kruis

Rode Kruis (Red Cross)Insert, by the Netherlands’ Red Cross Objective Some 60 million people are fleeing from violence or conflicts in their own countries, in search of safety for themselves...