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Branded content

Stories that enrich your knowledge, NRC branded content develops unique, relevant and meaningful content and translates the key qualities of NRC (quality, reliability and expertise) into stories that enrich your knowledge. Our guiding principle is to always maintain respect for the reader and for the objectives of the clients. The productions are all developed using the journalistic approach and must achieve the desired effect: influence through content.


With attention to detail and well-crafted, custom content for the NRC audience. The same journalistic quality that you are used to with our editorial articles.


The stories bring readers useful and factually correct information. Readers learn something from this information, are able to form an opinion based on it and are motivated to take action.


Bring out the best information and present it in the best way possible by taking advantage of our large network of content creators, strategists and designers.

Customised collaborations

Proven effect on brand association and brand preference

We reach involved readers and help advertisers convey their story in a relevant and credible way – or an NRC worthy way – that actually has an impact. And we see that it works. The stories powerfully connect with the experiences of our NRC readers; they are therefore particularly well read, but we also see that the investment of our partners pays off.

+36% positive associations with the group exposed to the content – +35% brand consideration – +18% brand preference

Our branded content has a proven effect. An effect on how the reader views the brand, which associations he forms with the brand and whether he develops a preference for it.

Quality view: results-based evaluation

At NRC, we believe that a reader must actively read a story for at least
15 seconds in order for the message to really come across. That’s why we evaluate XTR productions based on quality view: you only pay for readers who engage with an article for a minimum of 15 seconds.

We use MOAT to measure our quality view. MOAT measures reading behaviour based on activity and interaction and stops measuring if there is no reader engagement. We also measure the quality view per second – this way, we can guarantee our clients that their message will actually reach the target audience.

We also see this reflected in the statistics: if a user has been reading an article for at least 15 seconds, they tend to read it all the way through. This is the goal of anyone creating high-quality content – but even more important if you’re looking to use branded content effectively.

The possibilities of branded content

Customisation based on your target groups. We are in a good position to find the right angle for the message that you, as a client, wish to convey, in keeping with the journalistic theme that our readers prefer.

Advertorial or brand page
Your content in text, images and sound within the trusted NRC environment with the tone-of-voice that appeals to our readers in the form of an advertorial or a brand page.