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Advertisement specifications and deadlines

General information

Terms and Conditions
With regards to advertisements, the General Advertisements Terms and Conditions of NRC Media, as well as the Advertising Regulations (“the Regulations”), see, are applicable to all agreements with and orders from the Publisher, or business units thereof. Terms that are defined and used in the Regulations are also applicable to the agreement(s) between the Client and the Publisher. In the event that the Advertisement Terms and Conditions differ from the Regulations, the former will prevail. The composition of the newspaper and the other advertisements in it will determine the placement possibilities. Special placements can be requested. The Advertisements Terms and Conditions have been filed with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce (under number 24280642) and the Regulations for Advertisements have been deposited with the registry of the district court of Amsterdam.

Cancellations must always be submitted in writing. If a reservation is cancelled later than the applicable period of notice, which is three days before the start date, a cancellation fee of 50% of the placement fee will be levied. If a cancellation is due to circumstances beyond the advertiser’s control, the decision will be at the discretion of the publisher.

NRC Media has its own modern digital proof numbering system. NRC Media proof numbers are available via the online digital proof numbering platform, ePublisher. This is a collaborative venture with the independent party, Ebiquity.

The introduction of digital proof numbering offers you, as an advertiser, significant advantages:
• The advertisements can be viewed immediately on the day of placement (after 13:00)
• Digital proof numbering offers complete information, including order information
• It will be immediately clear which advertisement(s) it concerns
• You will receive an email on the day of placement, so that you can view the relevant proof number online

Advertisement invoicing
If you have any questions about invoices you can direct them to our administration department, which can be reached at +31(0)20 – 755 3219 or by email via

Print specifications

Submitting print advertisements
You can send your advertisement to us via the email address:

Print Specifications
Our digital standard for submitting advertising material is Certified PDF (cPDF). Additonally, please bear the following requirements in mind:

• The advertising material must be without transparency, without bleed and without crosshair and cutting marks
• Set the Photoshop colour profile for conversion to CMYK: ISOnewspaper26v4
• Job options for exporting to PDF in InDesign: NewspaperAds_1v4_IND4.
• Submit full colour advertisements in CMYK, 300 dpi, not RGB
• Black and white advertisements should be submitted as grey scale files, not CMYK or RGB

For any technical queries pertaining to the supply of materials, please refer to

Specifications Het Blad bij NRC
• Submit material as certified pdf in CMYK
• Black and white advertisements should be submitted as grey scale files, not CMYK or RGB
• Colour profile: PSO_MFC_Paper_eci.icc
• Preset Adobe PDF: HetBladNRC.joboptions
• The drain is 3 mm, to be delivered WITHOUT printer’s marks

To view our deadlines for Het Blad bij NRC, please view our products and rates.

Specifications online

Submitting online advertisments
You can send your online advertisement to us via the email address: and/or When submitting material for an online advertisement, please bear the following requirements in mind:

• Material must be submitted no later than three working days before the start of a campaign. A working link (URL) must accompany the material. Material can be submitted in the following formats: HTML5, .gif, .jpg or 3rd party tag
• Templates for all Rich Media formats are available at NRC Media
• The landing page of the advertisement must open in a new window
• Sound is permissible, provided it is User Initiated and with a frequency cap of 3 over the campaign period and no loop

Online specifications
The specifications for online advertisements can be found below. For any other questions please email:

If you are using a HTML5 banner, please include the following code in the file. Note: a text editor will be required to make these adjustments, for which we recommend Sublime Text.

Step 1: Link the AppNexus script to the banner
Add the AppNexus HTML5 Library to the <head> of the index.html file. You can do this by copying and pasting the following <script> tag between <head> and </head>.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Step 2: Link the banner to the script from step 1
By using the following code and adopting the clickable element that’s shown (usually <a href…>) the clickable element will link to the script from step 1.


<a href="javascript:void(0)" onClick=", '_blank');">

<!— The code of the banner inserted here -->



Step 3: Testing
Save the .html file and open it in your web browser. Add ?clickTag= at the end of the URL in the address field.
Refresh the page and click on the banner. Our website,, should now open in a new window in your browser.

Regular deadlines

You will find our deadlines to NRC Weekdays and NRC Weekend, all of our sections, Het Blad bij NRC (magazine) and our family notices below.

NRC Doordeweeks (Weekdays) & NRC Weekend

ProductPublishedReservations deadlineMaterial submission deadline
News on weekdaysMondayFriday 12.00 hours (noon)Friday 15.00 hours
TuesdayMonday 12.00 hours (noon)Monday 15.00 hours
WednesdayTuesday 12.00 hours (noon)Tuesday 15.00 hours
ThursdayWednesday 12.00 hours (noon)Wednesday 15.00 hours
FridayThursday 12.00 hours (noon)Thursday 15.00 hours
News en weekly overview
NRC Weekend
SaturdayThursday 12.00 hours (noon)Thursday 17.00 hours


ProductPublishedReservation deadlineMaterial submission deadline
Economy/SportMondayFriday 12.00 hours (noon)Friday 15.00 hours
TuesdayMonday 12.00 hours (noon)Monday 15.00 hours
WednesdayTuesday 12.00 hours (noon)Tuesday 15.00 hours
ThursdayWednesday 12.00 hours (noon)Wednesday 15.00 hours
FridayThursday 12.00 hours (noon)Thursday 15.00 hours
SaturdayThursday 12.00 hours (noon)Thursday 17.00 hours
Economy/CareerTuesdayMonday 12.00 hours (noon)Monday 14.00 hours
WednesdayTuesday 12.00 hours (noon)Tuesday 14.00 hours
ThursdayWednesday 12.00 hours (noon)Wednesday 14.00 hours
FridayThursday 12.00 hours (noon)Thursday 14.00 hours
SaturdayThursday 12.00 hours (noon)Thursday 15.00 hours
Culture (Living)MondayThursday 12.00 hours (noon)Friday 15.00 hours
Culture (Media)TuesdayThursday 15.00 hoursMonday 15.00 hours
Culture (Film)WednesdayFriday 12.00 hours (noon)Tuesday 15.00 hours
Culture (Cultural Supplement)ThursdayMonday 12.00 hours (noon)Tuesday 15.00 hours
Culture (Books)FridayMonday 12.00 hours (noon)Thursday 15.00 hours
AmsterdamSaturdayMonday 09.30 hoursWednesday 10.00 hours
RotterdamSaturdayMonday 09.30 hoursWednesday 10.00 hours
ScienceSaturdayThursday 12.00 hours (noon)Thursday 17.00 hours
Opinion & DebateSaturdayThursday 12.00 hours (noon)Thursday 17.00 hours
Living the WeekendSaturdayMonday 09.30 hoursWednesday 10.00 hours
Houses/LifestyleSaturdayMonday 09.30 hoursWednesday 10.00 hours

Het Blad bij NRC (magazine)

EditionPublishedReservation deadlineMaterial submission deadline
#48 Saturday 6 February 2021Monday 18 January 2021Friday 22 January 2021
#49 FashionSaturday 6 March 2021Monday 15 February 2021Friday 19 February 2021
#50 DesignSaturday 3 April 2021Monday 15 March 2021Friday 19 March 2021
#51Saturday 1 May 2021Tuesday 12 April 2021Friday 16 April 2021
#52Saturday 5 June 2021Monday 17 May 2021Friday 21 May 2021
#53Saturday 3 July 2021Monday 14 June 2021Friday 18 June 2021
#54 FashionSaturday 4 September 2021Monday 16 August 2021Friday 20 August 2021
#55 DesignSaturday 2 October 2021Monday 13 September 2021Friday 17 September 2021
#56 BeautySaturday 6 November 2021Monday 18 October 2021Friday 22 October 2021
#57 HolidaysSaturday 4 December 2021Monday 15 November 2021Friday 19 November 2021

Family notices

Monday Sunday before 15.00 hours
Tuesday up to and including SaturdayThe day prior to placement, before 15.00 hours

More information

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact our Traffic & Sales Support department.