NRC Handelsblad, buitenaanzichten, 13-05-2014. Foto: Imara Angulo Vidal

About NRC

NRC Media is based in the Netherlands and publisher of the daily newspapers NRC Handelsblad and as well as the online news website, a number of apps, NRC Webwinkel and NRC Live, responsible for organizing different kind of events. We are a dynamic company that manages cultural heritage. Thanks to our high quality journalistic approach, we appeal to the decision makers of today and tomorrow. In general, our readers are well educated and autonomous with considerable spending power and an open minded view of the world. Members of this target group have an interest for objective, high quality journalism to help put their decisions in context.

More than 180 years of high quality titles

Our heritage lays back to the 19th century: the merge of Algemeen Handelsblad (1828) and the Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant (1844) meant the start of NRC Handelsblad. Early in 2015 NRC Media was sold to the Belgium Mediahuis by Dutch investment company Egeria, the previous owner of NRC Media. Mediahuis supports the in 2013 defined strategy of NRC Media. Inspired by the dynamics of the new owners, the Editorial Board and Editor in Chief unfolded their new strategy consisting out of three pillars: keep investing in newspapers, building a central position for digital newsproductions and proceed to expand the brand NRC. This has led to the two (for the readers) most noticable innovations: the launch of the new (October 8th 2015) and a completly new website (October 13th 2015), which includes a paywall., onze nieuwsbrief en WhatsApp-dienst

Board: Rien van Beemen (CEO), Peter Vandermeersch (Editor-in-chief), Wilbert Schutrups (CFO)
Editorial Board: Peter Vandermeersch, Marcella Breedeveld, Elske Schouten en Stijn Bronzwaer
Commercial Director: Madelon Fortuin