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Emerce 100: NRC Media is one of the best-performing digital publishers

vrijdag 7 april 2017

Today we saw the publication of the twelfth edition of Emerce 100, which describes how decision-makers in the field of online marketing, ICT and e-business, have assessed the performance of suppliers that are active in the e-business and marketing industry during the past year. The results can be found on Image research (carried out by research agency Motivaction) demonstrates that, as was the case in 2016, NRC Media is one of the best-performing digital publishers.

NRC has a clear strategy when it comes to publishing quality online journalism and online advertising. It is indeed an honour that NRC Media has once again been recognised in this way by industry professionals.

Quality online journalism
NRC’s decision to introduce a pay wall, in October 2015, was a conscious one. After all, quality journalism costs money, irrespective of the carrier. According to NRC Media’s 2016 results, readers are becoming increasingly willing to pay for quality online journalism. The average online reading time is also continuously lengthening, pointing to increased engagement on the part of digital readers. The continued development of quality online journalism forms an important pillar in NRC’s Strategy for 2017. We enjoy prominence at an international level and we are very pleased with the recent European nomination of as best news site.

Online advertising
NRC stands for quality, which is clearly evident in our online advertising portfolio and services. Some examples of this are outlined below.

NRC strives to engage its readers as much as possible, in terms of both editorial and branded content. For example, NRC has recently started using Moat software, which makes it possible to measure readers’ engagement with online branded content articles. It also offers additional insights with display campaigns. In this area NRC is taking a proactive and advisory role towards advertisers.“

Another area in which NRC is making a difference for advertisers is that we load advertisements asynchronously: an advertisement on only loads when it is visible to the visitor. In this way the advertiser only pays for advertisements that have actually been displayed on the screen.

Furthermore, we have introduced two new calculation models, namely the viewable CPM (IAB: 50% and at least one second on screen) and a Run of Excellence of advertisement positions that are on screen for at least five seconds.